Here I am!

Whew, I made it into the blogging world! Thanks for stopping by my page.  I am totally new to this and have no clue what the heck I am doing. Please bear with me! 🙂

Today was a great day. The sun was shinning and that brightens up everything.  I worked, then worked out with my trainer, went grocery shopping then home and ate a healthy meal consisting of Trader Joe’s Healthy 8 veggie mix (ever have it??  It’s excellent, I highly recommend it) and egg whites.  For dessert I made my new fav, cottage cheese mixed with plain greek yogurt and a little almond extract with stevia.  YUMMO!!  My trainer kicked my butt tonight.  I took over a week and a half off from bootcamp and training due to being sick.  Seems like I have been sick every other week this winter.  Ugh, still trying to kick that last bit of cough and runny nose.  Hope that Emergen-C I drank tonight kicks in soon!

I plan to do some writing in this blog about MSG and the dangers of it.  I found out last November that I had an MSG sensitivity.  I ended up in the ER after eating a ramen-type noodle bowl. Can I just say… MSG is scary stuff!!!  I will definitely share more later regarding it’s affects on the body, and how it is not good for anyone really, even if you do not have a “sensitivity. This weekend I cheated a bit eating wise.  I normally avoid all MSG to the best of my ability and try to eat clean.  Well, being that it was my “cheat day,” I kinda lost my senses and ate what was put in front of me regardless, and had some serious heart racing and palpitations last night.  How easy it is to “cut loose” sometimes and forget the dangers that are lurking in those cheetos. 😦

I’ll cover more about being an AVID coffee drinker, and having to go caffeine free.  It’s really not so bad though, I’m one of the lucky ones who cannot taste the difference between regular and decaf. Thank goodness! 🙂


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