Is It Spring??

Can I just say today is GORGEOUS!! I am so excited that the sun is shinning and it is 60 degrees! I was day dreaming of beaches and flip flops as the sun was shinning into my cube this morning.

I had to get out of the office for a bit today and enjoy this sunshine, so I ate a quick lunch (tuna stuffed pepper) and got outta there!


My awesome bootcamp instructor introduced me to the idea of putting buffalo wing sauce on tuna. Now I’m hooked!! I’m not much of a seafood person, but tuna I will eat, especially with the wing sauce! 🙂

After my lunch I booked it to Caribou. Now I am here, sitting by a bright sunny window, with my delicious decaf & dark chocolate square!


Trader Joes has a really great organic 73% dark chocolate bar. I allow myself one little square a day and it totally satisfies my sweet tooth! What better way to get some antioxidants then with dark chocolate (and coffee)! 😉

I hope you are having a blessed day and enjoying the sunshine wherever you are at!


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