1 Hour

One hour lunch hours are too short! I feel like it takes half the time just to get where you are going, if you actually choose to leave the office. Me, I often try to leave the office. If I sit there too long I am likely to turn into a ” cubical zombie” as my dad calls them! What is wrong with corporate america? There are some folks who never, and I mean never leave their desks. I swear very few even take time to use the restroom. Geesh. I digress…

I snuck out for a lil bit and headed to Caribu again. I had to have my fresh decaf and chocolate square yet again today. I debated having that chocolate square after the lil pastry treat I ate this morning. I am able to justify it though because last night I had to have burned a million calories in bootcamp. Our instructor decided to have a friendly lil competition of who could squat against the wall the longest. You know that squat, where your back is to the wall and you scootch down to the “seated position” and hold. He told us whoever won would win a protein shake. I don’t usually consider myself a competitive person, but sometimes in bootcamp I just can’t help it. I dunno if I’m so much competing with the others as challenging myself. Anyway, I would not give in and get outta my squat no matter how bad it killed. My legs were shaking and no doubt about to give out when our instructor said, “now pick up your toes.” Seriously?!?! I did and that lasted a few seconds til I told the lady next to me, “You win!” Needless to say, my instroctor gave me a “second prize protein shake.” I was happy! 🙂 I do not know how I am going to make it through my personal training session this afternoon. Already, I’m having a hard time moving my legs. OH well. A friend waaaaay back in middle school used to tell me (as she was practially pulling my hair out of my head while stying it), “beauty is painful!” I guess so!

Enjoy your afternoon!


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