This weekend flew by super fast as usual. The weather was perfect. I wish it did not have to end!

One of the things I enjoy doing on weekends is going out to breakfast. I don’t usually go too often, but it is such a treat. I don’t know why; the meal is usually so simple, something you could easily make at home, but just being out in the world, early in the morning, with other early birds, chowing down on some good eats and coffee, is FUN! This is what I did Saturday morning, and this was my pre-bootcamp morning feast (fuel)…

Do you have a Leo’s Coney Island near you? Did you know that some locations offer buckwheat pancakes? They are my new love.

Many people think that buckwheat is a grain (I always did), but it is actually a fruit seed. Would you guess that it is related to rhubarb and sorrel? Even though it is not a grain, it has the taste and texture similar to grains. This makes it an excellent grain substitute. It is gluten free, so perfect for people who have celiac disease or those who are choosing to eliminate gluten from their diet.

Buckwheat helps to maintain glucose levels and also is said to be good for your cardiovascular system. So next time you have the hankering for some pancakes, give buckwheat a try! 🙂


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