Really?  Now bagel Friday has turn into bagel and salami Friday???  Dang. No bagel/salami sandwich for me!  I will try to be happy with my cottage cheese and apples.  (Not that I don’t like my cottage cheese and apples;  it’s my favorite snack!  But when you eat it every day… sometimes you just want that bagel!) 😉

AND Vitam Water because it feels like I am getting a cold for the MILLIONTH time this season!

Do you guys notice, when you are working out harder, your immunity goes down?  I don’t know what it is.  It seems I’ve been constantly sick this winter and it hasn’t even been that cold.  Maybe it is because I’ve been watching little ones every week and we all know how they carry the sicko germs!


There were some serious storms in the area here last night.  When I got done training, I looked at my phone and it was blown up with messages asking where I was, telling me to drive north, be prepared to take cover.  It was a little freaky kowing that a couple of tornados had already touched down.  When I got to where I was going, I saw on the news the devestation!  Houses were demolished, cars flipped, neighborhoods destroyed.  The miracle of the story is that no one was hurt.  No one was killed.  Simply amazing when you see all of the pictures of homes completely flattened.

It got me thinking, I need to be prepared and have a “game plan” of what I would do in a tornado.  I don’t have a lot of options of what are deemed “safe places,” so I will have to figure something out.  It has been unseasonably warm for March (I am not complaining), and I’m willing to bet more of these vicious storms could be coming!  

Questions of the afternoon:

Do you know where you would go in the case of a tornado and are you prepared?

 Have you ever been through a tornado, earthquake, or other natural disaster?


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