Interval Training

Good Afternoon!


I just got out of the dentist. Oh the fun! I went back to wearing my Invisalign in hopes that one stubborn lil tooth would move to where I want it. I had finished my “case” over a year ago, but still wanted some tweaking. We shall see if the “dimple” my dentist added to my aligners will actually work!

Interval Training

So I’ve been reading a lot lately on interval training. What is the difference between interval training and regular cardio training?

Interval training uses “cycles” of intensity more or less. There are short burst of all-out, huffing-puffing sprints mixed with slower, more restful recovery periods. The point is to get your heart rate to shoot up to it’s peak for a short while, and then to bring it back down to a more moderate intensity to recover and get your energy back for the short burst to follow.

It is said that interval training allows you to get the same benefit, or more, in shorter amounts of time. You can do 20-25 minutes of interval training and get the same benefit of doing a longer period of sustained cardio.

With interval training, you increase your anabolic threshold so that your body is exercising at such a hard rate that your blood supply cannot supply oxygen to your muscles fast enough. This will create a build up of lactic acid in the muscles which in turn, leads to less muscle loss than regular cardio and builds new muscle fibers.

Because interval training is building new muscle fibers, it will increase your body’s ability to burn fat and carbohydrates. This leads to a greater amount of calories burned post exercise, verses the amount of calories burned during the exercise.

Who doesn’t want MORE fat and calories burned in a lesser amount of workout time? I know I sure do!

Also too, you can incorporate interval training into pretty much any cardio exercise. You can do intervals on the stationary bike, elliptical, treadmill, etc.

I’ve been alternating between interval sessions and regular cardio sessions in the mornings before work. The interval sessions are a lot harder, but I enjoy getting done quicker. And let me tell you… they get you! I am always – One. Sweaty. Mess.

Afternoon Snack

My afternoon snack fifth small meal of the day (I follow the ‘6 small meals a day’ plan) was peanut butter-spinach roll ups! They may sound a bit gross, but they are good! They are super simple. All you need is low carb tortillas, peanut butter, and raw spinach. Try it sometime! 🙂

Question of the afternoon:

Have you tried interval training, and if so, have you noticed better results with it than doing the longer-period cardio sessions?


7 thoughts on “Interval Training

  1. I really like interval training. I haven’t necessarily seen a difference in myself but I like the burst of energy rather than a constant rate because it makes the time go by faster.

  2. I train lots of weight loss clients with interval training. Its effective because it works different energy systems. If you don’t have a lot of weight to lose studies have shown that interval training is less effective. The reason why it builds muscle because anaerobic threshold training elicits metabolic stress.

    If you are on a low carb diet and don’t have a ton of weight to lose I would not suggest interval training because it uses the process of glycolysis a lot of times for energy and your glycogen stores are already low and your body will go into a state of gluconeogenesis which basically uses muscle tissue for fuel.

    HIIT is great when it is used right but often abused in my opinion. Sorry for the long reply

    • So you are suggesting maybe I shouldn’t do HIIT? I’m not really on a low carb diet- well kind of I guess but not like really low. I eat while grains, oatmeal, etc.
      From my studies, it actually said that HIIT actually helps to maintain muscle. Now I am curious.
      Is it only harmful then if you ate on too low of carb?
      In your opinion- what would e the better option cardio wise for someone who doesn’t not have a lot of weight to loose but is building muscle/toning up?

      • When I say “low carb” I’m talking like 50 grams a day like some people do with low carb or carb cycling diets. If you have 10 pounds to lose still do HIIT but don’t do it everyday.
        I still have people do bodybuilding workouts because you need to do that to tone. Also just like anythsding else HIIT training will eventually plateau out so you have to know a lil bit about periodization. Also diet is the other half of the battle. low carb diets work but you can not do them all the time because it will eventually crash your metabolism. Carb cycling is great because it has a day to go higher on carbs and rev up your metabolism.

        A good way to do your weight lifting workouts is to shorten up your rest intervals every week to create more of a metabolic demand on the body but still train mechanical tension.

        I will write more about this topic in my blog.

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