P90 Ache

Good morning!

I decided to give the cardio a rest this morning and work in some strength training. I did the P90X Arms & Shoulders workout. I’ve only did this once before and as I recall the next day, I felt it pretty good!

I’m sure there’s a lot of us out there, not just me, who actually enjoy that “ache” following the workout. The soreness is kind if like your badge of honor… Telling you you’ve accomplished something. 😉


This morning I have to take my car in to the dealership for a ‘bulletin’ item to get fixed. When I make left turns, my steering wheel will ‘click’ as the wheel turns back to straight. It’s pretty annoying; it’s done this ever since I bought the car new in 2010, so it will be nice to have that gone.

I am killing time at Starbucks until the dealership opens. That’s not such a bad deal… I get to actually come to Starbucks and chill out before work. I never get to do this!

On to my reading…


Have a great day everyone!


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