Transmission – FAIL !


I got some bad news yesterday. Apparently, my car needs a new transmission; or so the dealership says. The good thing is, this is covered under factory warranty (2 yr old Hyundai, only 36k miles). The bad thing is, they want to put a re-manufactured transmission in. That just makes me mad.

First off, there is no reason for a transmission to go bad on a practically brand new car. Second of all, if it does, and it is under factory warranty (not to mention I had purchased the extended bumper to bumper warranty), then why are they giving me a refurbished one? I mean, what?… will I be driving around with a transmission that had already had 5o, 60, 70 thousand miles on it? Grrrrr!!!!

Maybe I just have really bad “transmission luck.” After my transmission died two years ago on my 1999 A4 Audi Quattro (loved that car), I decided to get something brand new, reliable, and known for good quality. Hyundai had great reports, awesome warranty, and fit the “german styling” that I liked.

I mean, I was thoroughly bummed when my trans died on my Audi, but that had 168k miles on it (much easier to accept then on a car with 36k miles). I tried to fix it at the time, and the repair shop put in a used transmission, and it was an epic fail. Even after they replaced it, I was dealing with major issues, failures, leaks, etc. for three months. The last straw was when it crapped out on me on a major highway. Talk about scary! Finally, I demanded my money back (it was a pretty penny… let me tell you), and sold it with the bad trans, and jumped into the Hyundai.

Sooooo… here I am, in the new car… dealing with this again. Do I have like some “transmission curse” or something? 😦

I think I am going to go car shopping today, just for fun. Keep my options open. I kinda want to trade the car in now just to spite them. I don’t know, am I out of line? Do these things just happen? Should I be satisfied with the “transmission replace” even though it’s re-manufactured?

No Workout

Despite the fact that it would be nice to pound out my frustrations, I actually skipped my workout this morning. I was debating, but you know I’ve been doing twice a day for a week now (mornings cardio, evenings boot camp/training) and I felt it would probably be a good to take a day off.

Why is it so hard to take a day off? Ha. Most people would probably enjoy skipping a day, but I literally had to hold myself back from heading to the fitness center this morning. I’m even half thinking about going to boot camp at 10:oo a.m. But…. I did boot camp last night so two in less than 24 hours is probably not so good.

Oh well, I will enjoy my free morning. 😉

Penny & Posy

I think Pen and Pos are happy that I am actually home chilling this morning. Normally, I’m on the go so much. When I am home, they get, what I call “desperate for attention batensions.” I know, weird. I like to make up words! 😉

Posy has decided lay down next to me… on my table!

PenPen is standing up, pawing at my leg. She is just like a dog. 😉


Questions of the morning:

Have you ever had a bad experience with a new car, and how was it handled (and how did you handle it)? 😉

Do you feel the same as I do about “rest days”? Are you tempted to get your ‘workout on’ regardless?


5 thoughts on “Transmission – FAIL !

  1. oh yeah i have car troubles. of course, i bought a used car so…but who expects it to start making a noise not four months after I bought it? anyway, i’ve had it into the shop 5 times since then for the same noise. it always comes back. so i’ve been dealing with this for about a year. i also want to trade mine in.
    workout? i’m skipping today because I’m sick. 😦
    and i have no problems skipping. 🙂

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