The Car is Back!

Well I got my car back! Yay! As much as the Sonata is a nice car, (and 2011 “Car of the Year”), I missed my hatchback!

It’s amazing how your car becomes like your “buddy.” Is it just me, or do you get attached as well?

I didn’t think I would miss my Elantra Touring as much as I missed my blue Audi A4 Quattro when it died. I think I almost needed to have a funeral when that car bit the dust. I was so attached to that thing; it was a very sad day when I finally decided I had to “pull the plug” on the lil guy. I think I probably cried.

Thankfully, my Touring is back, and it seems to be driving just great. It really is a spring chicken; I’m so happy it’s been revived. Hopefully, I can hang on to this one for a million more miles and many years to come! 😉


This morning I did my 30 minute “usual” cardio routine on the elliptical. I’m thinking, soon I will have to switch that up. I’ve done that the last few days in a row. OH well. Sometimes you just get in that rut.

I’m looking forward to trying the 10 Minute Trainer. Then maybe I can squeeze one or two of those workouts in with my cardio before work in the mornings, especially on the days that I don’t have boot camp.


Lunch today was tuna roll-ups. Love this stuff (and technically, I don’t even like seafood – Yuck!). It’s quick and easy.

All you need is canned tuna, spinach, tortilla roll-ups, and relish!

BTW… if you are looking for an MSG-free (broth free) tuna, Starkist very low sodium is where it’s at. It is the only canned tuna that I could find where the two ingredients are: tuna and water. Period!

Also, it’s so handy for on the go (or at work) because you do not need a can opener. They have a handy-dandy little “lift and pull” top.

Question of the morning:

What is your favorite tuna recipe?

Are you (or have you ever been) attached to a car?


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