Coconut Oil – The Wonder Oil!

Happy Wednesday!

We are half way through the week! So looking forward to being off on Friday, and celebrating this weekend my Savior’s death, burial and RESURRECTION!!

Workout & Breakfast

This morning I did… take a guess… the elliptical! AGAIN! 😉 However, I did switch it up a bit and did some interval training. I set the intervals for 2 minutes on level 3 and then 2 minutes on level 5. It did a good job breaking me into a sweaty mess and burned 325 calories. Good stuff!

For breakfast I had my usual, overnight oats (this morning I added some delicious dried cherries) and egg whites (cooked in extra virgin coconut oil).

Coconut Oil

I’ve really enjoyed cooking with coconut oil lately. I’ve done a lot of reading on it, and I am convinced this stuff is amazing for you! Not only do I cook with it, I put it in my bath water at night (total relaxing, skin softening soak), use a little in my hair before bed for a special treatment, and put it on my skin as a moisturizer.

Btw… my cat Posy LOVES when I do this; she licks and licks all of the coconut oil right off my skin (causing me to reapply, and then reapply, and then…). 😉 I think I have now turned her into a coconut oil addict as well. Oh well! The good thing is, it is just as good for your dogs and cats as it is for you!

Read about all of the amazing health benefits here.

Just say No!

Ok so seriously, look at this homemade banana bread someone brought in…

Banana bread with CREAM CHEESE FROSTING. Apparently, it’s a Paula Dean recipe. Now how am I supposed to say “no” to this?!?!

Ugh. The Temptation!

I had to settle for my detox tea…

… it’s good if you are wanting tea! BAD if you are wanting cream cheese frosted banana bread! 😦


One thought on “Coconut Oil – The Wonder Oil!

  1. I would not have had the will power to pass up that cake. It looks awesome! Also, I’ve heard so many good things about coconut oil. A friend and I were just talking about it’s benefits the other day. Now with how you are using it (bath?! awesome!) I think I need to go out and get some!

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