Day 3 of Shakeology Cleanse

I Made It!

Well, here I am… I made it to the end of day 3 on the Shakeology cleanse.

Thank Goodness!

Overall, I would say the cleanse has gone well. I did have a headache prett much every day, and my head just felt fuzzy at times. Also, there were times that my stomach was growling so loud, my coworkers could hear it.

However, I wasn’t really weak or anything as most cleanses leave you.

Tonight I did end up making 3 egg whites just prior to having my last shake. Yes, I guess it’s cheating a little bit, but I wanted to get my body used to eating more again, in(stead of just starting with my 6 meals (every three hours) again tomorrow.

I definitely feel thinner, less bloated. My system feels “clean.” I’ve had no stomach issues as normally do. I have lost a few pounds, although hard to tell exactly how many because my scale can give me four different readings standing on it 4 times within the same minute.

Tomorrow morning I will weigh myself again, and see if I can kinda guess some final result.

Would I do the Shakeology cleanse again?

Perhaps. Probably. For now though… I am glad it’s over! 🙂



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