Ouch…My Legs!

My legs are still so sore from Monday’s boot camp class.  I hadn’t actually done the boot camp class in a couple of weeks.  I’m telling you, once you miss for a bit, it is a KILLER going back!  Ugh…just gotta keep telling myself it’s the “good pain” right?! 😉

This morning my friend came by and we went to the gym. We did arms/shoulders on the machines first and then 30 mins. of cardio.  It was a good workout, but I’m tired!


Lunch today was chicken sausage with a bell pepper and humus!

Very yummy!

Now I’m at Caribou eating my dark chocolate square and drinking my decaf coffee! 🙂

Gotta get goin’ and get to some research before I head back to work.  I’ve got some decisions to make and praying for God’s wisdom and discernment.

Be blessed today friends!!


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