A Push-Up, A Press and a Russian Twist

I slept in a bit this morning and opted out of cardio.  I figured I needed the rest, after last night’s boot camp.

Got to say, the class last night was a good one.  There wasn’t as many of us there (which is sometimes nice), so we got to make suggestions for what we wanted to do.

We did a variety of moves, a lot of upper body and core, which I like.  My favorites of the ones we did last night were the dumbbell push-up row, the squat press and the Russian twist (I think these are the trainer’s favorite too; we always do these). 🙂

Push-up Row


Squat Press


Russian Twist


Tonight I have another boot camp class followed by Body Blade. I am a little sore from last night, but not too bad. I hope I am not “pushing it” by doing these classes back to back (two days in a row).  I know the body needs to rest for adequate recovery.  I will be sure to eat a ton of protein today! 😉

Questions of the day:

What are your favorite “moves” at the gym?

Do you always allow a day or two of rest between strength training?