Sunny Starbucks Afternoon

It’s a beautiful, sunny afternoon. I’m sitting in Starbucks drinking some fresh brewed decaf & eating a scrumptious dark chocolate square while attempting to do some reading on PR & the social web.


What could be better?

Oh… I know! It’d be much better if I didn’t have to go back to work in 30 minutes! 😦

Better get to reading… Sitting in front if this big window is distracting me! 😉

Question of the Afternoon:

Do you have a favorite lunch time “escape from the office”?


Kale Chips

The guy at Panera just gave me a free coffee!  How nice of him!  🙂

I don’t know why I torture myself by coming to Panera.  The aroma of fresh baked bread and cookies is killing me right now!

How was your weekend?

Trail Walk

Last night I enjoyed a nice trail walk with my dad.  I love living in a spot where I can walk right from home to a walking trail.  My dad came by, and we hoofed it. We “speed walked” for about 55 minutes at about 4.5 mph!  It was a lil’ windy and cool, but highly enjoyable.

My dad is a great walking partner.  I really love our deep conversations about the bible.  Last night we were talking a lot about the connections between the Old and the New Testament.  Amazing, just amazing.  And it just blows my mind how detailed God is – in everything!

For example, we talked about how Jesus was born and wrapped in swaddling clothes.  Well, swaddling clothes of course is what they would bury the dead in.  It’s what Jesus was wrapped in when buried in the tomb. SO, what a connection  showing all again, He was “born to die.”  He was wrapped in swaddling clothes (clothes for the dead) as a little newborn baby.

God is just so amazing how He connects all the details. Wow…

Along our journey, we marveled at God’s creation.  We kept running into bunnies.  They were so cute.  This lil’ guy was like the sixth one we saw!

Kale Chips

After our walk, I went home and jumped into my “comfys” and settled in the kitchen to make some kale chips.  My friend had given me some earlier in the day, and gosh they were delicious!  I cannot believe how simple to make either.  Perhaps you all have tried them and I am way behind the “kale craze,” however if you haven’t, give them a try!


  • Fresh organic kale
  • Olive Oil (in spritzer)
  • Seasoning salt
  • Sea salt


Rinse the kale and dry off.  Break apart from the stem.  Lay out the “leaves” on a cookie sheet.  Spray/spritz with some olive oil.  Sprinkle with sea salt and seasoning salt.

Ta Da!  Nice crispy kale chips! 🙂

So delicious!

I put them in a bowl with my 94% fat free microwave popcorn and had a yummy evening snack!

Totally satisfied my salt cravings! 🙂

Off to do some reading before boot camp.  Picked up a new book from the Library – Inbound Marketing (New Rules of Social Media Series).  Anyone read it?  I’ll let ya know how it is…

So You Want To Date My Daughter?

Lunch & Afternoon

I’m suddenly getting very sleepy.  Perhaps it’s the clouds that are moving in.  I got enough rest last night, I went to bed early and even slept through my cardio.  I figured my body needed a rest… with boot camp and BodyBlade Tuesday night and boot camp last night, and boot camp and BodyBlade tonight… LOL.   Yeah!  Rest was needed.

I had a tasty lunch today, one of my favorites actually.  Often I bring a lunch to work, but today I went to Baja Fresh for their side of grilled chicken.  I always sneak in my own low-carb tortilla’s (don’t tell) so between that and their fresh salsa, it makes a very healthy and filling lunch!

Of course, I had to go to the Barnes and Noble after, since it right near Baja Fresh.  My daily “after lunch decaf and dark chocolate” made it a wonderful hour out!

So You Want To Date My Daughter?

No, I do not have a daughter!  In fact, I don’t have any kids at the moment… but God willing, some day I will.

A friend posted this on his Facebook page today, and I thought it was GREAT!  If ever I am blessed with a daughter, I would hope her father would be as bold and thoughtful as this man is in regards to protecting her.

1. You must love Jesus. I don’t care if you’re a “good Christian boy.” I was one of those too. So I know the tricks. I’m going to ask you specific, heart-testing questions about your spiritual affections, your daily devotional life, your idols, your disciplines, and the like. I’ll cut you a little bit of slack because you’re young and hormonal and your pre-frontal lobe isn’t fully developed yet, but I’ll be watching you like a hawk. I know you. I was you. You will think you can fool me, and you likely have fooled many other dads who didn’t pay much attention to their daughters’ suitors, but I will be on you like Bourne on that guy whose neck he broke. Which guy was that? Every guy. So love Jesus more than my daughter or go home.

2. You will install X3Watch or Covenant Eyes on your computer and mobile devices and have your regular reports sent to me.

3. I will talk to your dad and tell him I will hold him responsible if you don’t treat my daughter like a lady. If he thinks I’m a crazy person, you fail the test and won’t get to date her. If he understands what I’m saying, that bodes well for you.

4. You will pay for everything. Oh, sure, every now and then my daughter can buy you a Coke or something and a gift on your birthday and at Christmas. But you pay for meals, movies, outings, whatever else. Don’t have a job? I’m sorry, why I am talking to you again?

5. You will accept my Facebook friend request.

6. If it looks like you need a belt to hold your pants up, I will assume you don’t have a job. See #4.

7. Young people dating are putting their best face forward, so if you appear impatient, ill-tempered, or ill-mannered, I know you will gradually become more so over time. I will have no jerks dating my daughters.

8. If I am not your pastor, I will talk to the man who is. If your pastor is a woman, why I am talking to you, again?

9. You don’t love my daughter. You have no idea what love is. You like her and you might love her someday. That’s an okay start with me, so put the seatbelt on the mushy gushy stuff. Don’t profess your undying love, quote stupid love song lyrics to her, tell her you’d die for her, or feed her any other boneheaded lines that are way out of your depth as a horny little idiot. A lady’s heart is a fragile thing. If you play with hers, I will show you yours.

10. If you ever find yourself alone with my daughter, don’t panic. Just correct the situation immediately. If I ever catch you trying to get alone with my daughter, that would be the time to panic.

11. It may sound like I’m joking in threatening you harm, and while I might not physically hurt you if you offend my daughter or violate her honor, when I am addressing the issue with you, you will not be laughing.

12. You may think all this sounds very legalistic. That’s fine. You can be one of the many antinomians not dating my daughter.

Good Stuff huh?! 😉  If you want to read more about the author/father check him out here.

Now… what about something like this for the 30-somethings men out there who STILL do not ‘get it’!

Off to boot camp… !  Have a great night!

Fitness Fuel

Today flew by! I’m happy to be out of work & enjoying some coffee shop time before boot camp.

I’ve been thinking about pre-workout fuel. I want to be sure I’m eating enough throughout the day & the right things just prior to some intense boot camping.

I already had my yummy mid-morning meal of cottage cheese & Kashi Go Lean Crunch.


If you stir it up a bit it makes the kashi “less crunchy”. I’m sure my co-workers appreciate me taking the time to stir! 😉
Although I still feel like you can hear me crunching a mile away..


Lunch today was my left over stir-fry! I even have a bit left for tomorrow’s lunch. Gosh, I guess I can really stretch that stuff out. Talk about getting your $10 worth!

After eating lunch at my desk, I went to my dentist appointment then ran to Starbucks. That was a nice, relaxing part of the day. As I mentioned before, I just love the remodel they did…


A nice tall cup of decaf… Ahh…


Now I’m at Panera (don’t hate) just chilling before boot camp and BodyBlade.

Guess if I’m taking up a table, and using their wifi, I better actually buy something. Hmm… Darn, guess I’ll just have to get another coffee. Oh well…. 😉

Here lies my baggie of “energy burst” to consume before class…


… a little bit of Bear Naked Fit granola & some dried cherries. Hope it does the trick!

Question of the day:

What do you eat as fuel before your intense workout?


Good Friday and Good Coffee

Matthew 27:28-37 KJV

“And they stripped him, and put on him a scarlet robe. And when they had platted a crown of thorns, they put it upon his head, and a reed in his right hand: and they bowed the knee before him, and mocked him, saying, Hail, King of the Jews! And they spit upon him, and took the reed, and smote him on the head. And after that they had mocked him, they took the robe off from him, and put his own raiment on him, and led him away to crucify him. And as they came out, they found a man of Cyrene, Simon by name: him they compelled to bear his cross. And when they were come unto a place called Golgotha, that is to say, a place of a skull, They gave him vinegar to drink mingled with gall: and when he had tasted thereof, he would not drink. And they crucified him, and parted his garments, casting lots: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, They parted my garments among them, and upon my vesture did they cast lots. And sitting down they watched him there; And set up over his head his accusation written, THIS IS JESUS THE KING OF THE JEWS.”

I am SO thankful for the cross of Christ. My heart is overflowing with Joy this morning, that the GOD of this Universe, the creator of ALL things, sent His son, to die on a cross, as punishment for MY sin, so that I can be SAVED!!!

I don’t know about you, but that brings me tremendous PEACE today. No matter what you are going through (in this life, you will have trouble) remember this is not the end. Life on earth is not the “end all” and death does not have the victory. You know why? Because Jesus dying on the cross is not the end of the story… in THREE days, He ROSE from the dead! He returned to Heaven to be with the Father, but because of Him… we too do not have to face death without hope. He promises in His word that if we put our trust in Him, we too will have EVERLASTING life!

If you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” – Romans 10:9

Do you believe that today? If you don’t, I encourage you to seek Him out. He says, “if you seek me, you will find me.” (Jeremiah 29:13)

One thing is for sure in this life… we will ALL die. You can eat right, exercise, take your vitamins 😉 … etc, BUT we all will have a day when our time will end. Our hearts will take their final beat. In that moment, you will stand before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. At that time, He will determine your fate. Did you know Him? Did you trust in Him for the forgiveness of your sins?

It is a FREE gift, you don’t have to DO anything. Just put your hope and trust in Him. IT is simple!

Will you invest in your eternal future? Will you be sure of your eternity? I pray that you will know Him today!


I got up at 4:45 this morning (even though I didn’t have to; I didn’t even set my alarm – I am off work today). I headed to the fitness center and did 50 minutes on the elliptical. I got 8 miles in and burned 470 calories. It felt awesome! 🙂

I enjoyed a special treat this morning with my oats. COFFEE! But not just any coffee… heathy, organic coffee!

Organo Gold

As I’ve mentioned before, I was told by the cardiologist that I have to go “Caffeine Free.” I’ve been doing decaf for a little over a year now. I’m always looking to try some great tasting varieties of coffee.

A kind reader offered to send me a sample of some organic Gandoerma coffee. This coffee is actually made from the Gandoerma mushroom.

The website states:

  • Ganoderma Lucidum is believed to provide the following health benefits:
  • Increases energy & vigour
  • Boosts stamina
  • Oxygenates the body
  • Acts as a natural detoxifier
  • Increases mental focus
  • Supports the immune system
  • Provides over 150 all natural antioxidants to fight free radicals

… and much more!

Wow, sounds like some awesome health benefits to me! If that’s really what it does, I’ll take it!

As I opened the little packet and poured it into my cup, I noticed the aroma. Smelled pretty good I thought. I added the hot water, and watched it bubble a bit (I like bubbles in my coffee). I stirred it up and took a sip. Not bad!

I noticed right away it had the “dark roast” flavor. I could tell it was a little more than “just coffee” in my cup, but not in a bad way. There was a slight bitterness to the taste, but not any more than a dark roast coffee would typically have.

I’ve been purposely drinking my coffee black lately (as to avoid extra calories with cream and sugar) and so I didn’t add a thing to this.

Overall I would say it does have a pretty unique taste, but was ultimately enjoyable. I am looking forward to trying my second cup, and seeing if this is something I might be interested in.

I will put its claims of “boosting stamina” to the test in about an hour when I hit up my first Body Blade class. 😉

If you are interested checking this healthy coffee for yourself, visit at

Have a great morning, I am off to Body Blade!

Going Green

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve decided to go green… with SPINACH that is! 😉

This morning I got up at 5:00 a.m.  Figures, I never can sleep in, even on weekends my body wakes up early.  It doesn’t matter what time I go to bed, it wakes me up the usual weekday time. Ugh.  I decided to make the best of it, so thought I’d go get some cardio in this morning before bootcamp.  I needed some extra energy so I made my FAVORITE shake! 

I absolutely love Shakeology; the chocolate version! 🙂 For my morning shakes, I use:

  • half scoop Shakeology
  • half cup of almond milk
  • hand full of spinach
  • about 5 ice cubes
  • water

Ta da! You have a delicious green, healthy shake!


I went to the fitness center and did 35 mins of elliptical.  It felt good to “sweat it out” this morning!  I’m hoping I can sweat out my sick germs.  Ya think??  So 5.85 miles, and 350 burned calories later… I was hungry for something substantial.  I turned to my “go to” protein pancake recipe.  This recipe is also SUPER easy.  And this morning, I added a ‘green twist.’  That’s right… you guessed it, Spinach!!


Green Protein Pancakes:

  • 1/3 cup gluten-free oats
  • 1/3 cup cottage cheese
  • 4 egg whites
  • 1/8 tsp vanilla extract
  • cinnamon
  • handful of spinach

Throw all the ingredients in a blender, and blend on medium.  Pour in your skillet and you are good to go.  This recipe makes 4-5 pancakes.

Great way to start a beautiful, St. Patty’s Day morning!  What could make it any better?


Had to come to Starbucks of course. What is a Saturday morning without the usual trip to the coffee shop! 😉

Now, to get some reading in before bootcamp!

Enjoy your Saturday!

Questions of the morning:

Do you actually care about St. Patrick’s Day, and if you do… what are you doing to celebrate?

What is your favorite spinach recipe?



Coffee In Hand

Another gorgeous day in the D. Woot Woot! Thankfully, the day at work flew by!  It feels awesome now to be sitting outside at Panera, watching all the people hang out in the park across the street.  I’m trying so hard not to go in and get another coffee.  I have bootcamp in an hour, and I’m thinking another cup may not be such a good idea. I should be downing the water!

This morning I stopped at Biggby on my way to work. Usually I try to save money and make my coffee when I get to work, but this morning I wasn’t feeling it. I wanted a coffee in hand for my ride in. Almost $3 later and with a plain coffee with some sugar-free Irish cream syrup, I had a bit of regret. Not that the coffee wasn’t good, but man… $3! I could have made some yummy flavored coffee at work for free. Really, I guess it’s not so bad if it was just the one drink a day, but the problem for me is that I’ve already had a second coffee stop today and will probably make more; it all adds up. Oh well, sometimes you just gotta do it. Drives to work are made so much better with coffee. 😉

I’ve been contemplating waking up a half an hour early to start getting some cardio in in the mornings before work. The stinky part is I start work at 7am so that extra half hour would have me waking up at 4:30 a.m. Ugh, I cannot imagine. However, I notice when I do work out first thing in the morning, I get more energy for the day, and just have an overall “well being” mood. Think I should do it? That may require getting in bed by 8:30 p.m. though. IMPOSSIBLE!

Lunch today was Baja Fresh.  It works well with my “special diet.” I always order a side of grilled chicken (yes, you can just order it as a side) and then I bring my own low carb tortillas Their salsa is phenomenal. And, you have a complete filling lunch for about 320 calories (if you don’t eat the tortilla chips).

Speaking of calories, I am really loving the MY FITNESS PAL app on my iPhone. If you haven’t downloaded it, give it a whirl. It’s free. It is an easy way to document your food intake and track your caloric and nutritional values. It’s super easy to use; most of the foods are in the “search menu” and if not, you could add them. There’s also a scanner so you can just scan the barcodes on your packages. You can create meals, recipes, etc. I can’t say enough good things about this app if you are watching what you eat.

Question for the day:

Do you have a coffee budget, and if so, what is it?


Happy Friday!

I’n sitting here in a very nice, newly remodeled Starbucks. I have to say, I was a little worried when I saw that this one was closed for remodeling. It was my favorite Starbucks; very cozy and inviting. I especially enjoy sitting upstairs in their area by the fireplace (how many Starbucks have second floors and fireplaces)? I was afraid that this place would loose its charm and turn into one of those cold “Internet Cafe” types. Have you noticed the trend? A lot of Starbucks are pulling out their big cozy chairs and replacing them with more of the hard wood tables and chairs. I guess it’s not so bad; sometimes though you just want to sink down into that big squishy chair with your hot foo foo drink and relax for a while. Hmm. Maybe I need to open a coffee chain called “Foo Foos.” Ha. It could be full of big foo foo chairs and hot foo foo coffees (those are the fancy schmancy drinks by the way; usually “girly”). Anyway… I am pleasantly surprised with this new layout. I actually kind of like it. It’s modern, yet has it’s charm. Good deal!!

I survived the personal training session yesterday, but I am in some serious pain today. It is actually much worse than yesterday. I think I will have to take tonight off from bootcamp, and just go to tomorrow morning’s class.

It’s so nice to see the sun shinning again today. Although, our weather decided to stop taking its meds and be its bipolar self again today. We had rain, snow (and I’m talking complete white out) all in the first half of the day. I’m glad that for now, it decided to stay sunny!

Tonight I think I’m going to go eat my favorite cuisine; Middle Eastern! I absolutely LOVE that food. I could eat it every day. I know it’s a little pricey, but sometimes (well ok, a lot of times) you just have to splurge! It helps that Palm Palace is offering you a free appetizer if you vote for them in the “Best of Detroit” contest at Hour Magazine. With an offer like that, I have no excuse to not go, right?!? 😉 In fact, I think you should go too! VOTE HERE if you are up for some delicious (and nutritious) hot, bread-dippin hummus! You know, I often wonder if this food will be available in Heaven. After all, Jesus was from the Middle East. Wasn’t this His kind of food? Who knows, could it be the Marriage Supper of The Lamb? I’m kinda hoping so! 🙂

Two Questions:

What are your plans for the weekend? What is your favorite food that you hope will be in Heaven?

Is It Spring??

Can I just say today is GORGEOUS!! I am so excited that the sun is shinning and it is 60 degrees! I was day dreaming of beaches and flip flops as the sun was shinning into my cube this morning.

I had to get out of the office for a bit today and enjoy this sunshine, so I ate a quick lunch (tuna stuffed pepper) and got outta there!


My awesome bootcamp instructor introduced me to the idea of putting buffalo wing sauce on tuna. Now I’m hooked!! I’m not much of a seafood person, but tuna I will eat, especially with the wing sauce! 🙂

After my lunch I booked it to Caribou. Now I am here, sitting by a bright sunny window, with my delicious decaf & dark chocolate square!


Trader Joes has a really great organic 73% dark chocolate bar. I allow myself one little square a day and it totally satisfies my sweet tooth! What better way to get some antioxidants then with dark chocolate (and coffee)! 😉

I hope you are having a blessed day and enjoying the sunshine wherever you are at!