Great American Chair Exchange

It’s the end of Wednesday!  Yay…that means tomorrow is Thursday.

Today was a good day.  The morning started off with P90X Arms & Shoulders with my friend.  We didn’t have time for the warm-up or bonus round, but it was a nice workout.  So far my arms aren’t sore.  Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing?  Maybe I didn’t work it hard enough?

New Chairs

It was a special day at work today.  We all got presents – new chairs!!  Talk about excitement.  The place was packed with smiles; always a great thing!

We have had our old crummy chairs for years.  I mean YEARS.

They had absolutely no support, and they were super uncomfortable to sit in. Not to mention, if you are “shorter” like me, if you sat all the way back your feet would dangle and the edge of the chair would cut into your legs behind your knees.  So pretty much, you had to sit way at the edge of the chair and so you could never lean back and so you were constantly slouching.

We all “paraded” down with our old chairs, and dropped them in a line, and picked up our new ones!

It literally felt like Christmas! 🙂  It was wrapped and everything!  We were all SO EXCITED!

It’s the “little things” in life, ya know?!  Look at this beauty! Ain’t it purdy? 😉

Seriously though, better than its looks are its “functions.”  It has so many knobs and buttons.  It can do a million different things to fit a person’s body just perfectly.  Ergonomics are so important.  Many of us have had low back/hip issues that we partly attribute to the chairs, so this is truly GREAT!!!  Nice way to make a few hundred people extra happy on a typical work Wednesday! 🙂


I am such a hummus fan!  As I’ve mentioned before, Mediterranean cuisine is my absolutely favorite.  Give me a chicken kabob, fatoosh salad and hummus anytime. I could literally eat this stuff every day!

I’ve found a new hummus that I am in love with.  It is all natural and gluten-free.  It is also very low-fat and low-calorie.  Most hummus has around 6-8g of fat per 2TBS with 100-120 calories and this has only 1g of fat per 2TBS and only 34g of fat. Amazing!  It is also very smooth and creamy.  Also, some of their proceeds will go to feeding a hungry child.  How can you beat that?

So very good and natural. I highly recommend it.  It made gave my lunch that “extra YUM” today.

Tuna with salsa, roasted red pepper Oasis hummus (I recommend that flavor too) and broccoli.

Lots of protein and low on the carbs and fat.  Perfect! 🙂

Well, it’s just about bed time.  Gotta go get some shut-eye…4:45 a.m. comes SUPER early!

Goodnight all!



Happy Friday!

I’n sitting here in a very nice, newly remodeled Starbucks. I have to say, I was a little worried when I saw that this one was closed for remodeling. It was my favorite Starbucks; very cozy and inviting. I especially enjoy sitting upstairs in their area by the fireplace (how many Starbucks have second floors and fireplaces)? I was afraid that this place would loose its charm and turn into one of those cold “Internet Cafe” types. Have you noticed the trend? A lot of Starbucks are pulling out their big cozy chairs and replacing them with more of the hard wood tables and chairs. I guess it’s not so bad; sometimes though you just want to sink down into that big squishy chair with your hot foo foo drink and relax for a while. Hmm. Maybe I need to open a coffee chain called “Foo Foos.” Ha. It could be full of big foo foo chairs and hot foo foo coffees (those are the fancy schmancy drinks by the way; usually “girly”). Anyway… I am pleasantly surprised with this new layout. I actually kind of like it. It’s modern, yet has it’s charm. Good deal!!

I survived the personal training session yesterday, but I am in some serious pain today. It is actually much worse than yesterday. I think I will have to take tonight off from bootcamp, and just go to tomorrow morning’s class.

It’s so nice to see the sun shinning again today. Although, our weather decided to stop taking its meds and be its bipolar self again today. We had rain, snow (and I’m talking complete white out) all in the first half of the day. I’m glad that for now, it decided to stay sunny!

Tonight I think I’m going to go eat my favorite cuisine; Middle Eastern! I absolutely LOVE that food. I could eat it every day. I know it’s a little pricey, but sometimes (well ok, a lot of times) you just have to splurge! It helps that Palm Palace is offering you a free appetizer if you vote for them in the “Best of Detroit” contest at Hour Magazine. With an offer like that, I have no excuse to not go, right?!? 😉 In fact, I think you should go too! VOTE HERE if you are up for some delicious (and nutritious) hot, bread-dippin hummus! You know, I often wonder if this food will be available in Heaven. After all, Jesus was from the Middle East. Wasn’t this His kind of food? Who knows, could it be the Marriage Supper of The Lamb? I’m kinda hoping so! 🙂

Two Questions:

What are your plans for the weekend? What is your favorite food that you hope will be in Heaven?