I am waiting for the eating frenzy to stop.

Between Easter on Sunday and my brother-in-law’s birthday yesterday, I feel like a stuffed pig.

Check this out…

Easter Sunday dessert: Carrabba’s tiramisu.


Do you know what myfitnesspal says regarding this bad boy?

1060 calories and 50 grams of fat! Gulp!

Good thing this dessert was shared by three of us!

Dinner last night at the Olive Garden was Apricot Chicken with green beans and asparagus.  Healthy right?!

Too bad Good thing I ended the meal with a big slice of birthday cake; “Death by Chocolate”. Oh man, was it goooood!!

(Sorry, I dug in before I decided to get a picture)

I will try to get back to “good eating habits” today. Gosh, once you get off track, it’s so hard to go back on.

Not to mention my sister’s birthday is coming up next week, so it will be another “birthday cake bonanza blitz” (hehe) on Sunday! 😉

Oy Vey!